Areas of Expertise

Management Consultancy

Provision of assistance with restructuring; reorganisations; process improvements and change programmes

Learning and Development

Design and delivery of programmes for management consultancy 2013 including mentoring -for the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials (CMCE) and the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) award; manpower audit; project management.

Manpower Control, Right-sizing and Workforce Planning

Advice on manpower; including manpower audit to ensure organisations are undertaking relevant work with the correct structures; grading and staff numbers. Assistance with Work force planning.

Project Management/Evaluations

Help with the introduction of project and programme management, reform programmes. Evaluation of reform and other projects.

Outsourcing/Market Testing

Assistance with outsourcing of non core functions, including Market Testing 2013 with the inclusion of an in house bid team.