Consultancy Development and Training


  1. Management and CMI Professional Training.
  2. This gives an overview of CDI; the three day Essential Consultancy Skills Course and the CMI qualifications; the one day Introduction to Consultancy course and the 1 day workshop for those applying for the International Certified management Consultant (CMC) qualification.

  3. CMI Level 5 Professional Consulting.
  4. This gives more details of the three day Essential Consultancy Skills course.

  5. The standard three day Essential Consultancy Skills course programme.

Improving Organisations

  1. The three day Improving Organisation Performance course.
  2. The course considers the organisation as well as developing the delegate. It also qualifies as part of the CMI Certificate in Professional Consulting.

Manpower/ HR Audit

  1. Sets out how this methodology assists management to ensure that their organisation:
    1. Is undertaking relevant tasks relating to their strategic objectives.
    2. Has the right organisational structures, minimum levels of management and correct spans of control.
    3. Has the right number of staff, using work measurement techniques.
    4. Their staff are at the right rank/ grade level, by applying relevant Job Evaluation methods.
  2. If you are interested in finding out how Manpower audits can help organisations map their human resources, you can read more in APO News August 2017.
  3. For more background information about Manpower audits, you can read more in our explanatory note .

Other Areas

These include:

Details can be provided on request.

Centre Policies

  1. Special Needs:
  2. Any learners with special learning requirements should consult the Course Director for help and guidance. Any adjustment to assessment methods will need authorisation from the awarding body.

  3. Approved Prior Learning:
  4. Learners who wish to have any relevant prior learning taken into account should consult the Course Director. Any exemptions from assessment will require authorisation from the awarding body.

  5. Compliant and Appeals System:
  6. Any learners who are dissatisfied with any aspect of the course or any related assessment decision should refer in the first instance to the course director The Course Director will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days and will undertake to resolve this matter within 10 working days. However should any complaint not be satisfactorily resolved learners may refer the matter directly to the CMI.

  7. Malpractice:
  8. If learners, tutors or any other stakeholders who are concerned about possible malpractice or maladministration should report their the matter immediately, in writing, to the course director. The Course Director will acknowledge your concerns within 7 working days and will immediately inform CMI of all cases of suspected malpractice.

    The CDI Director will carry out or support the awarding body to carry out any necessary investigation in line with awarding body requirements and findings will be reported to the CMI. The outcome of any malpractice investigation will be communicated in writing within 30 working days (would advise two months), however this timescale may be extended for further investigations.

    For further guidance on malpractice and maladministration please request a copy of the CMI malpractice policy from the course director.