Client Base

  1. Central Governments Departments and Public Sector organisations
    • The British Department for International Development (DFID) [as an approved Governance Adviser]. The British Council (BC);
    • The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Royal Thai Government;
    • DANIDA/The Danish Government/COWI Consultants (for projects in Vietnam);
    • The Royal Brunei Government (the Prime Minister's Department);
    • The UK House of Commons (The Sergeant at Arms and Director of Finance and Administration);
    • The Caribbean Centre for Administration and Development (CARICAD);
    • The Governments of Barbados, St. Kitts Nevis and The Commonwealth Dominica;
    • The Home Office;
    • The Ministry of Justice;
    • Centre for Parliamentary Studies/ Government Exchange;
    • Thailand (Prime Minister's Office);
    • The Thai Productivity Institute;
    • The Asian Productivity Organisation;
    • The Asian Institute of Technology;
    • The Malaysian Productivity Corporation;
    • The National Productivity Centre of Cambodia; and
    • Chartered Management Institute
  2. Consultancies
    • The Royal Institute of Public Administration (as Director of Studies and Consultant);
    • Adam Smith International (Croatia, Guyana and UK training-Vietnamese and general courses);
    • Lorien plc/PE International plc (advice on public sector opportunities and overseas marketing);
    • RIPA International Ltd/Capita Business Services (Director of Studies international courses);
    • Cooper and Lybrand/ PricewaterhouseCoopers (advice on revenue authorities);
    • Government Exchange/Centre for Parliamentary Studies;
    • Public Administration International; and
    • Emiratis Consult.
  3. Charities and Universities
    • The Camden Town City Farm Riding School -marketing;
    • The King George's Fund for Sailors- legacy strategy;
    • The London Sustainability Exchange (LSX) - as Mentor to the Chief Executive;
    • The Sea Cadets - project on overstretch of the volunteer staffs;
    • Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services (CDARS) - a London Charity for those with drug and alcohol problems;
    • University of Liverpool;
    • King's College London and;
    • University College Roosevelt - the Netherlands.